PVID – our iconic subwoofer updated.

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Bowers & Wilkins iconic PVID subwoofer

PV1D significantly enhances the performance of this multi-award winning subwoofer and makes that performance more easily accessible to music and movie enthusiasts. It takes the best concepts of the original PV1 and blends them with the technical innovation developed for Bowers & Wilkins flagship DB1 subwoofer.

PV1D features a similar die-cast pressure vessel enclosure to its predecessor, within which it incorporates balanced back-to-back mounted drivers, high performance Class D power amplification and a switched-mode power supply. The innovative composite mica/aluminium inverted dome drivers of the PV1D are conceptually similar to their predecessors, but thanks to a ground-up re-design of their magnet and voice-coil system offer significantly increased maximum displacement, sensitivity and power handling.
Their performance translates directly into a more extended low frequency bandwidth, increased maximum sound pressure level and lower distortion. Like its drive-units, the PV1D amplifier is new; a 400 Watt design that builds on the concepts of the previous model to offer greater performance and a yet more satisfying music, or movie, experience.

The most immediately obvious new feature of the PV1D is the incorporation of an OLED display and touch-buttons within the central band of its enclosure. The display and buttons provide access to the PV1D setup menus such as input selection, bandwidth and level adjustment, setup memories, and preset EQ options. Four preset EQ options are provided on the PV1D, each one designed to enhance either movie or music reproduction. For 2.1 stereo applications, the PV1D display interface offers the option of automatic low-pass filter configuration for selected Bowers & Wilkins main speaker models.

Also available for download is a dedicated version of SubApp™. This application duplicates all the control functionality of the PV1D display interface and enables the subwoofer to be setup from the listening position using a Windows PC via a USB interface. The SubApp™ application also offers some advanced setup and response tuning options not available from the PV1D interface.

In common with its predecessor, the PV1D offers both line level and speaker level inputs and, save for some detail refinements and the incorporation of the display screen, the iconic “bubble” aesthetic remains unchanged.

It is available in new Matte Black and Matte White finishes.

Download this press release as a PDF.

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